Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Post-Sale Review

I will definitely try to have more open houses/sales in the future. This one was a lot of fun and it was great to have people be able to browse, talk with others about the products, and to let their kids play. It made me wish I could go ahead and open a storefront right now, but it works so much better out of our home for the moment. I might be able to work something out soon where I have a more permanent display room in the house. It is a work in progress.

Here are some pictures pre-kids and fun!

Babywearing ponchos, adult bamboo clothing, and Milk Daze nursing tops:
Svan highchair and scooter, Like-a-bike, Natural Choices cleaning products, baby bamboo clothing, organic cotton advocacy tees:Table 1 with To-Go Ware, Klean Kanteens and totes, Lyrae's Natural salves, lipsticks, perfumes, etc., Babylegs, and more bamboo products:The Barefoot books corner (books, puzzles, puppets, and CDs):Hug-a-Bub baby stretchy wrap carriers:Peekaru babywearing coat, Suse's Kinder baby wrap blanket, and Svan bouncer:Kozy and Eden Mei tai carriers and Hotsling pouch carriers:
Ergo carrier and accessories, Sckoon menstrual pads, hemp wrapping paper, natural ribbon, postpartum sitz bath:Table 2 with co-operative games from Family Pastimes, D and Me wooden trucks and toys, Whittle Shortline Railroad trains, Storchenwiege and Bebina woven wrap carriers, and Hankette dish cloths, napkins, etc.: There were quite a few things like cloth diapers, Isabooties, and Acme bags which I didn't get a picture of as well.

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GreenWorks said...

Looks like you had a fun house sale!
Nice to see someone else trying to start a green business from home. Good luck with it.